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Ray met Becky and the rest is all the Adventures that you see.

The End. Just kidding.


Everyone calls Becky the Cruise Director she reins in Ray's Creativity binges. Becky books all the travel, packs all the bags. She crosses all the business' T's and dots the I's.

Ray is the eye, the creative risk taker behind the camera. Ray brings the technical and creative knowledge to the camera and brings every shot to life. He tells a story.

Between the two of us we make R&B Adventure Photography the seamless worry free business it is. 

Ray has been fortunate enough to see many places around the world being a commercial airline pilot. We both enjoy travelling, scuba diving, jeep adventures, and winter sports. We strive to take breathtaking photos anywhere around the world. Whether it be in the air, underwater or near an active volcano you will see us there. R&B Adventure Photography wants to capture your moments so you don't have to. We want to be an extension to your travel, capture your perfect memories.

We can provide gifts for your extended family and friends. Photobooks trailered to your perfect specifications or a beautiful canvas to display your amazing memories.

We believe a good picture is one that is hard to reproduce, that is why we strive to capture the moment. 


Please contact us to make arrangements to speak on how R&B Adventure Photography can help you.

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